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  核心提示: Forex21 is the first person military gunnery wizard developed by the independent mage studio, legen...
Forex21 is the first person military gunnery wizard developed by the independent mage studio, legend of legend, based on the engine of origin. The mage's background is set in the Middle East of modern warfare, where soldiers will cooperate or fight on street or field maps. The rebellion is like between the CS and the Red Orchestra have a good grasp of the balance of the hybrid, moderate, emphasis on regional tactical rather than the overall strategy, the scene map medium, with emphasis on technology, forex21 do have strong feelings. The master support creative workshop, the community is very active, people often upload all kinds of high quality Mod for soldiers to use.
To be honest the first time I heard the master is made of the source engine I surprised from the half life series to the survival of the road, the portal to the riot, we can witness the origin of engine rapid progress. Master quality has done well, general lighting effects, may make more realistic group want to go to the direction of design, modeling, generally can be regarded as true. My first impression of the mage is realistic, and in the sense of reality and the balance of the mage, he is doing very well, the master set in the classic bear chaos in the Middle East, the classic but seemed a bit old-fashioned anti-terrorism theme.
Figure number and weight limit by carrying equipment, which set up the situation and eliminate some Fire Mage, the mage is more close to the real war, gun shooting is also more realistic, whether the muzzle jump or recoil performance, are carefully designed, recoil is close to reality in a strong soldier on gun control after the recoil, when compared to other possible topressure fighters in the mainstream Fire Mage to the charges. At the same time, the mage also has a more complete tactical and postural design.
In fact, I feel more likely to want the official soldiers to achieve the team, according to the master background, the U.S. should be prepared in accordance with the Marine Corps, corps, 64 people in a mage, almost can meet the 1 row and two infantry soldiers fighting together, the mage also limit the number of the same class the. If soldiers are interested, they can be prepared in accordance with the actual army, combined with common sense tactics, just to have a tense and thrilling simulated battle. To be more casual, the mage, personally, feels like the forex21 series, emphasizing authenticity and tactical thinking, and combining the advantages of the fast paced shooting masters of the moment. The map of the master is not carefully designed, but rather realistically restores the terrain and architectural features of the middle east.
It is a little disappointed a little soldiers seemed to be mostly just covering and the public play to continue to call a riot, online can be zoomed CS, the real version of battlefield remarks there are soldiers will It is often seen., simple people open sight play master. Of course, I am not opposed to this play, this is a way of entertainment, can let the master nervous stimulation, but since the producers gave us a real war experience platform, there are no brain sudden chug classic battlefield call of duty, why all the shooting mage as no brain bursting chug. But I can change the soldiers to see the master consciousness, rhythm obviously slower than the traditional palpitate, the soldiers also started thinking more careful tactics.

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