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  核心提示: Ladies and gentlemen, forex21 legend, good day, check out the equipment to reduce the cooldown on s...
Ladies and gentlemen, forex21 legend, good day, check out the equipment to reduce the cooldown on skills in the game today.
Most of the major output comes from skill damage, and the use of MAGE equipment at appropriate times can effectively reduce the cooldown of skills and increase output capacity in disguised form. So what equipment can effectively reduce the cooldown of skills? Let's take a look at it.
[magic war sleeve wizard three]
Three pieces of the mage
Magic war coat: all skills cooldown -12%, no prerequisites, limit mage reloading necessary.
Magic battle bottoms: all cooling -10% is unconditional effect, the best download wizard.
Magic belt: when MP is above 70%, the cooldown is reduced by 10%. You should pay attention to MP when using it.
These three cooling time calculation methods are added, the recent magic war three, cooling will be changed to multiply the argument, but there is no relevant notice, you can not worry players.
Magic suit:
Magic suit
The magic pack has the effect of resetting the skill, and there is a difference between resetting and reducing cooldown, and the two are no better than others, only when they are used differently. Resetting skills are usually used to refresh the output mage, and the randomness is greater. While reducing cooldown is more used to cast persistent skills, relatively less mage effect is more stable.
[command], shoulder girdle
Dominator, shoulder belt
Time dominator cloak: all cooling -8%, unconditionally effective, is also the limit mage reloading necessary equipment.
Memory dominator's belt: hit 20% chance to reset a cooldown of 40 seconds of skill, 20% probability is not low, in general, hit two or three can trigger. But this belt has a built-in mage for about 20 seconds.
[soul song set]
Requiem Banjia
The suit reduces the cooldown by 10%, and the single piece has the chance to protect the professional part of the board from the cooldown. There are not many suitable jobs. It takes five parts for a suit and 10% of the cooling is not worth it.
[space time dominator]
Time master jewelry
Ring: is struck with a 5% chance to reset a minimum cooldown, with a minimum of 30 seconds to build a mage.
Bracelet: spell 3% chance to reset to summon, mechanical skills, skills such as cast high frequency occupation, high probability of triggering, also have 30 seconds of built-in mage, and trigger the current map does not need to blame.
Necklace: 2% chance to reset while attacking. For high frequency attacks, 2% chance is full, but triggered by a strange on the map. Still 30 seconds for built-in mage.
Attacks, casts, and strikes have a 2% chance to reset one of the remaining cooldown for the longest duration, 60 seconds.
Single plus package, reset the probability is quite good, but because it is a level 70 epic, currently has a game player should have less, and because of the existence of refined ring, resulting in most of the game player pursuit of small jewelry.
Jade emerald necklace, rings [refining]

Refining rings, jade necklace
Jade Necklace: stable 5% reduction in cooling, can be used as a replacement part mage necklace.
Refining rings: cast 15% chance to reset a cooldown, and 2% chance to reset all skills. The best replacement parts, refresh the necessary skills and equipment, "throw Mastery", can throw throwing props to trigger effect.
[giant soul suit]
Giant soul jewelry
Package effect reduces cooling time by 10%, excellent stability. For the ultimate master facelift, select the best jewelry site is a giant soul, because there are 5% parts in addition to Jinxiangyu cooling, the rest are reset skill effects (twin ring combat effect is not ideal).
[special equipment]
Pocket watch, Heelas
Pocket watch: the effect is to reset the skills, triggered every 20 seconds, can be used as refresh skills facelift, as directly as the output package is also very good.
Hera cooling Suite: two or three, five pieces of corresponding skills, different grades, three can make a sleep to eat the effect. But Heelas's cooling time is calculated, to reduce the sleep of the wizard must take part of jewelry, so that the soul can not complete set, so choose Heelas relatively few players. But you don't want to be a huge soul player, so is Heelas.
Reduce mage title
Chunhua: attack 3% chance to reduce 30% cooldown, lasts 15 seconds. The effect is powerful, also is the cooling reduction most, but now has been out of print for a long time, starts the difficulty to be relatively big.
Gothic, forex21 legendary glory: are reduced by 10% of the cooling time, but also the majority of players master dressing title.
Less master pet
Over the past two years, the pet has the effect of cooling time -5%, very good attributes.
To reduce the cooldown of equipment above is the legendary forex21 game, and reset the skills of equipment, factors affecting the skills cooling time in addition to the above equipment, as well as the role of wearing the type of weapons, whether the use of hand rubbing skills instruction etc..
Equipment that matches reasonably, reduces skills, cool down time, or resets skills can provide a better output environment and gain more damage. It is an important way to increase output in actual combat. But it's true that not all professions require a master outfit, and for some professions a replacement of a refined ring is enough. So when the players are thinking about making a master gear, they should take full account of their professional characteristics and avoid unnecessary efforts.

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